This publication is a reference for all levels of the 4-H Clothing Project. You can use it along with other clothing books and any additional sewing information you find. Keep this manual and other materials in a loose-leaf notebook for easy accessibility. Objectives for the 4-H Clothing Project are listed in the project book for each level; this manual will help you accomplish those objectives.

Some parts of this guide may seem too easy after you have gained some experience in your 4-H Clothing Project, but you must start with the basics and build on those skills and knowledge.

When you have questions concerning any part of your clothing activities, ask your teen leader, volunteer leader, or Extension agent. In clothing, there are many "right" answers to a problem. There may be many acceptable ways of sewing some parts of a garment, so don't think there is only one way it can be done. You are to be congratulated for choosing clothing as a 4-H project. It is a wonderful way to show your creativity, while saving money. Sewing can be exciting and rewarding!