How To Use The Mississippi Tree Identification Interactive Search Tool

Here are instructions on how to use this interactive identification tool. Before you begin, make sure you have the proper plug-ins loaded on your system. You will need Shockwave player to properly run the tool. If you cannot run the tool, return to this page and use the link below to load the plugin, or load it now before proceeding.

Macromedia Shockwave Player Macromedia Shockwave Player

The trees listed in this project are trees that are indigenous or planted in the state of Mississippi. Almost all of the trees are common to the rest of the southeastern United States. Photography is still underway for many of the trees, and they will be updated as they are taken.

There are three paths available to identify Mississippi trees; by tree name, leaf, or fruit. On the next page are three windows that will direct you into these paths. If you choose to change the path you are on, simply click one of the three buttons at the top of the page to go to the appropriate path.

The tree name option will display a list of the common and scientific names of the trees in this project. Clicking on any of the names will take you to the information page on that particular tree. You will then be able to print the information page via a print button at the bottom of the page. (Note: The browser cannot print any of the project pages; only the information page will print).

The leaf and fruit buttons will take you on a step by step identification process until you reach the information page for the tree you have chosen. Each page will have several options to choose from, and when a choice is made, new options will appear until the tree is identified.






Fruit Leaf Tree Names